Lane Four Prep Academy

If you are new to college, new to online learning or you’ve been out of school for a while, the Prep Academy is an excellent starting point. If you have not taken an admissions test (ex: ACT) or had a less than ideal academic history, the Prep Academy will help overcome those obstacles and allow you to earn admission to UofM Global.

  • Self-paced, online coursework
  • Unlimited attempts to succeed, no upfront costs
  • Key topics include: Academic Success, Career Planning and Development, Personal and Career Success

Prep Academy Success = Admission to UofM + 12 College Credit Hours

Getting Started: The Lane Four Admissions Process

You will be assigned a UofM Global Advocate who will guide you through the admission process and be available throughout your journey with UofM Global.




Your UofM Global Advocate will contact you to answer any questions.

Your Nike training record will be requested by your UofM Global Advocate to determine Experiential Learning Credit (ELC).




Start working on credits to move you closer to your degree.

With the help of your UofM Global Advocate, you will choose the best path for your success.

Enroll in Lane Four Prep Academy OR begin the application for admission, whichever starting place is best for you.

Degree Program Options

You can choose any bachelor degree program that is offered fully online through UofM Global.

Not sure where to start? We highly recommend our Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership program because it offers the most flexibility in course choices, transfer credits and Experiential Learning Credit, which means you can finish faster!

Financial Information

tuition icon

Tuition Allowance Maximization

Federal Financial Aid

Tuition Benefit

A financial aid specialist will review your funding availability and usage to help budget your annual tuition allowance. Your UofM Global Advocate will help you make the best use of your funds and explore all cost-saving opportunities.

You may be eligible for Federal Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA application. You may be eligible for federal grants, which do not have to be paid back, and can supplement your tuition allowance.

Nike employees that meet the requirements are eligible to receive up to $5,250 annually in employer assistance for your education. As long as you remain in good academic standing and have a successful or better CFE rating, your eligible tuition expenses will be direct-billed to Nike.

Experiential Learning Credit (ELC)

We believe students achieve college-level learning through experiences outside of the classroom, including professional development training, earning licenses or certifications, completing military training and volunteering in the community. Our ELC Program allows you to demonstrate the academic merit of your experiences. All, while potentially earning college credit hours and shortening your path to graduation. Some degree programs allow up to 30 credit hours of ELC, and your Nike training may be eligible to be evaluated for course credit.

Put Yourself in the Best Position to Succeed: Lane Four

Complete the Lane Four Interest Form below. A UofM Global Advocate will contact you to help create the best track for you.

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